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If you plan on building, demolishing, renovating, or doing other improvements on your home, you may need to get approval or apply for a permit first. To apply for a permit, you will need construction drawings. If you order a construction drawing at ArchitectDirect, we will do the permit application for you.

Quicker. More effective. Cheaper.

Unique 3D design
All our sketch drawings are designed in 3D, so you have the best insights. You can even walk through your own 3D model.
For permit & contractor
The construction drawings we make are always suitable for an application of a building permit and  to request offers of contractors.
Extra options 
We also offer extra options, like construction calculations, EPC calculation or MPG calculations. You can see them at the product page.



- Sketch design
- Intake by phone
- Request current construction drawings 
- Preliminary permit application
- Plan of site
- Interactive 3D model
- Colour & material proposal
- Permit check
- Personal intake
- Personal explanation of the design

Construction Drawing.

- Construction drawings
- Plan of site
- IFC model
- DWG documents
- Frame drawings
- Permit application 


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